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by Joey on September 9, 2013

www.vanillavisa.com is the Vanilla gift cards website. The Vanilla gift cards in question are actually Visa-branded cards that are meant to be redeemed for tangible gift items or services.

www.vanillavisa.com language options

Like most modern US websites, www.vanillavisa.com is available in a couple of languages, namely: English and Spanish. If you’d rather use the Spanish, you just click on the link labeled ‘Espanol’ near the top right corner, and the website is subsequently served to you in Spanish.

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Things you can do at www.vanillavisa.com

There are many things you can do at www.vanillavisa.com, including:

  • Researching on Vanilla Visa cards workings: on this website, you will find answers to all questions you may have about the workings of Vanilla cards. You can also access the ‘terms and conditions’ pertaining to the use of the cards, and thence get even more information.
  • Selecting a PIN for your Vanilla Visa card: to do this, you need to login on the website, by entering the card number, expiration date and signature code.
  • Resetting a PIN for your Vanilla Visa card: the procedure is the same as that of selecting a PIN for the first time – whereby you start by logging in through the entry of the card number, the signature code (indicated at the back of the card) and the expiration date.
  • Locating a retailer: there is a link, towards the very center of the home page at www.vanillavisa.com, which is labeled ‘locate a retailer.’ This is what you need to click on, in order to initiate the process of locating an outlet where you can redeem the value in your Vanilla card for a tangible gift item.
  • Checking your Vanilla card balance: the procedure for doing this straightforward. You just need to be logged in. So you login by entering your card number, the card’s expiration date and the CCV (which is more commonly referred to as a signature code). Having done so, you will not only gain access to the current balance, but also to a history (something akin to a statement).

Accessing www.vanillavisa.com

The website’s address www.vanillavisa.com doesn’t seem to be too hard to remember off-head. If you remember it off-head, and you enter it into your browser address bar, you are taken to the site. The alternative is to use a search engine, where, for instance, you can undertake a search for a term like ‘Vanilla visa card’ or simply ‘Vanilla cards.’ If you have previously visited www.vanillavisa.com, and bookmarked it, you can make use of that particular bookmark to land at www.vanillavisa.com website.

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